Our Products

In today’s world applications are the richest source of business value to the organization. The main goal of every business today is to maximize the time their employee spends on core business operations, but running away from application management can affect the profitability and productivity of the company.

We have expertise in the development of:

  • School Management Software
  • Clinic Management Software
  • Hospital management software
  • Hotel management Software
  • Inventory Software
  • ERP Software and many more...

School Management Software

For any school it is necessary to monitor, administer and collaborate all the resources of the educational intuition on a single platform. We develop customized School Management Software for the school according to their needs. We are very much familiar and well experienced in developing different modules of School Management Software. We are very expertise in developing Student Management Modules, Academic Management Modules, Fee Management Modules, Income & Expense Management Modules, Library Management Modules, Report Management Modules, Transport Management Modules, Hostel Management Modules, Time Table Management Modules, Inventory Management Modules, Payroll Management Modules, and other Modules as required by the organization.

Clinic Management Software

We at UPL InfoTech develop custom Clinic Management Software that helps our clients to manage every part of your clinic, from appointments, staff rotes and patient records, to stock control, invoicing and reporting. We do not develop just a patient management system; at the same time we help you to run your business. We provide you the essential tools to generate new business as well as keep the business you already have. Manage all aspects of your clinic business from any location at any time from virtually any device

Key features of the customized Clinic Management Software:
  1. Appointment Management – with SMS reminders to notify patients about delays & appointments. Individual doctors have separate logins to manage their appointments, and can notify hospital receptions about any schedule delays.
  2. Billing – patient tracking and billing, with the facility to accept advances, payments/part payments using different payment modes including cash-less insurance.
  3. Clinical Record Management
  4. Accounting become more easier.
  5. Assessments of employee and other resources.
  6. Invoice, Receipt, reconcile Management and many more.

Hospital Management Software

We design Hospital Management Software as per your hospital need, to cover a wide range of hospital administration and management processes. It is an integrated end-to-end Hospital Management System that provides relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making for patient care, hospital administration and critical financial accounting, in a seamless flow. Hospital Management Systems here at UPL InfoTech, we have an understanding of the different types of departments/personnel within hospital management, and can provide IT development solutions to streamline the process. The system provides appropriate data collection which will be present on the appropriate dashboards, specific to the different departments. It’s been known to provide increased revenues, reduced costs and improves operational efficiency. Hospital Management Software is a breakthrough tool which enables the medium sized and huge hospitals to manage their operations in a cost-effective yet efficient manner. It not only does the work quickly but also takes the pain away from the hospital administration. The functioning of Hospital Management Software includes activities ranging from clinical (front-end) to back office works that too without using a single piece of paper. It compiles the entire resources of the hospital into single software which makes all the activities streamlined. This system is quite robust and flexible.

Key features of the customized Hospital Management Software:
  1. Patient Registration & Admission – includes both Insurance & non-insurance
  2. Appointment Management – with SMS reminders to notify patients about delays & appointments. Individual doctors have separate logins to manage their appointments, and can notify hospital receptions about any schedule delays.
  3. Billing – patient tracking and billing, with the facility to accept advances, payments/part payments using different payment modes including cash-less insurance.
  4. Out-Patient management--The outpatients are vital for a clinic/hospital and so is their record. The OPD data can be irksome to handle especially when additional recurring costs like paper and other stationary is considered on top of the time it takes to handle. This feature of HMS can prove to be quite a blessing for you.
  5. In-Patient Management – enables discharge management, nurse management & claim management.
  6. Laboratory Management – with a facility to send SMS notifications to doctors/patients with test summary/results or out of range parameters.
  7. Revenue Management – allows administrators to track pending payables/receivables to and from consultants, vendors, patients, TPAs etc. Software also allows administrators to identify and plug revenue leaks in hospital.
  8. Reports and Dashboards – focusing on key departments like finance and operations to facilitate improved efficiencies through metric measurement.
  9. Inventory Management – with scheduling utilization reports.

Hotel Management Software

UPL InfoTech is a customized software development company who specialize in streamlining and simplifying your booking software and reservation system. Our software is all 100% Windows based, Indian designed and supported by us.

Comprehensive Hotel Management Software with many options for motels & hotels from 20 rooms to 200+ rooms and backpackers to 750+ beds. AND, you'll find it very hard to get better value for your money anywhere. We develop customized Hotel Management Software to encompass the needs of hospitality businesses of all sizes. Our main aim of developing this software is to minimize the work involved in managing any hospitality business. We combine all essential functions of hospitality management, including booking, marketing, reporting and global distribution. The intelligent reservation system includes tools specifically designed to help users find the correct price for each room and have better visibility on the booking status or room availability. The solution offers over 100 customizable report templates for business reporting and analytics.

Inventory Management Software

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. It doesn’t matter if a company has developed a must product or service, if it has some of the industry’s best marketing minds to promote itself or if its leadership teams have previously built businesses from the ground up – the mismanagement of funds can choke off a company’s growth faster and more completely than any other factor. To minimize this mismanagement we develop customized Inventory management software through which our client can track manage and monitor their materials. We provide powerful inventory management with tracking features. Here through our customized Inventory our clients can manage:

  1. Unlimited Items
  2. Safety stock levels and alerts
  3. Item Pricing Codes
  4. Ability to print Bar Codes
  5. Inventory Transfers
  6. Inventory Adjustments
  7. Inventory Serial and Lot Numbers
  8. Purchase & Sales History
  9. Product Discounting
  10. Volume Prices

ERP Management Software

Today’s businesses totally depend on efficient processes, strategic investments and motivated individuals. If coordinated effectively, these components shield an organization from even the most disruptive technological changes. But achieving this level of business agility is by no means trivial in the face of complex infrastructures, high transaction volumes and dynamic business models.

That’s where UPL InfoTech comes in. Through our Customized ERP Software, smart business process consulting, and the deep expertise of our employees and partners we helped companies around the world to create change and profit from digital transformation.

Flexible and adjustable ERP software is the key to fully unlocking any organization's potential. Whether for management or controlling, purchasing or sales, service or accounting, production or warehousing: As a comprehensive solution, our customized ERP Software is a complete solution that provides your employees with exactly the functions and information they need, provides each user the exact functions and information they require.

Whether you have 10 employees or 1000, and regardless of your industry or business area: our ERP strives to optimize your processes so that you can save time and costs, get a better overall operational view, implement reliable advance planning, and remain competitive in the future. And all the while, working with the ERP System intuitive user interface is really enjoyable.

UPL InfoTech ERP software integrates all of your business systems into one easy to use solution. Our ERP covers your core business functions including Financial Management, Warehouse Management, Manufacturing Scheduling, and more.

We love working with forward thinking organizations that are passionate about leading their industry. Using the latest technology, we invent software systems that enable our clients to outperform their competition.