Clinic CRM is all about managing the routines of a clinic flawlessly. Patient recording, appointment notifying along with other administrative and operational functions were laborious and strenuous to the employees as well as the efficiency was highly affected due to the manual interventions in all of these discipline. Clinic CRm developed by UPL InfoTech is comprehensive and competitive softwares can perform every task in a healthcare institution such as appointment schedules, patient recording system, billing, reports and certificates, consultation management etc.

The client addressed UPL InfoTech to help with supporting and enhancing the functionality of a web-based application for doctor workflow management, electronic health records management, billing, and scheduling. The functionality of the system allowed performing the following actions


Create, view and manage patient profiles, filling in the information about the disease which includes type, quality, timing, severity, the level of improvement deterioration, and other parameters;

Add notes, snapshots, and custom documents;

Manage and keep track of their patients’ schedule including creating new patient accounts, demographics, scheduling appointments, check-in, rescheduling, using patient alerts, addressing no-shows and no future appointments.


Checks in to the system at the terminal with the help of their Registration Number.

Fills in the application form which is automatically sent to a doctor to give some insight before the patient comes.

Benefits of Clinic CRM

  • Take advantage of simple centralized backup options. Improved Patient Care Outcomes
  • Learn more about patient behavior, their demands in order to build up strong relations with them
  • Better patient satisfaction and help them in proactive management of their health conditions
  • Regulate administration tasks in order to focus on patient needs
  • Reduce a good part of time spent on servicing the patients and to increase operational efficiency
  • React rapidly and effectively to patient inquiries
  • Synchronize care more efficiently with group access to patient information.
  • Unnecessary Expenses Detected and Minimized
  • Reduce operational costs and do whatever possible in order to increase profitability
  • Increased Profitability
  • Less Waste and Medical Errors

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