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Political Digital Campaign

Political Digital Campaign Political Digital Campaign is a new path to promote a candidate digitally. It provides information to voters they need to choose a candidate to represent them. Today 90% of the population uses internet through android mobile phone, laptop, tablet etc. and rest of the 10% uses the basic mobile phone. The Candidate can reach out to voters through social media- (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email and YouTube) , sms, pre-recorded voice call. Candidate can convey his or party's message through Political Digital Campaign. He can display his work in front of the world any time.

Why Political Digital Campaign is important:-

Communication through internet is very common today. Communication technologies like e-mail, websites, social media and podcasts for various forms of activism enable faster communications by citizen movements and deliver a message to a large audience. Nowadays, Social Media and politics become inseparable. Social media’s ability to break news in real-time has transformed the way we absorb information.

Our Features

UPL Election Campaign

Engage the public via live video

Social media videos empowers the politicians break their own news and have conversation with constituents in real time. Politician can regular interact with their voters and non – voters through live streaming on Facebook, instagram and twitter. Live social video is especially powerful for smaller, local politicians who need to address issues which may not be receiving mainstream news coverage.

Engaging The Youth

The most volatile section of the population, which is supposedly apolitical, are always glued to the digital marketing channels and perhaps the most ‘active’ and ‘opinionated’ section on social media. Political parties can target the youth in their preferable domain and mold them according to their agenda.

The Power of Polls

One of the many interesting features that digital marketing platforms offer is you can conduct polls on various platforms time-to-time.

Analyzing Data

We almost regularly create an enormous amount of information online which can help the analyzers predict our behavior. Analysis of this data can be used to give insights about the demographics. Politicians can use these insights to sway constituents in their way.

UPL Election Campaign
UPL Election Campaign


Social media enables the candidates to create their brand in their own way and engage in direct communication with the voters. These conversations can be used to pass on tailored and relevant messages. Slowly and steadily, these relevant messages become resonant and afterward, these actually turn into the opinions and views of the targeted voters!

Authenticate Your Brand -

In the present time of yellow journalism, fake news, misleading campaigns can really make or break the future of a political party facing the election. There could also be many fake accounts circulating on the Internet, which can harm your political campaign. Therefore, a political party has to reach its audience before others. A well-documented website, a verified Facebook page/Instagram account/Twitter handle, in-depth blogs, etc can really put forward the ‘brand’.

In an election campaign winning is everything, there is no prize for the runner up. Comparing to previous India, voters are more informed, independent and aware in casting their votes. Election strategy mostly based on three important questions:-

  • Who are our voters?
  • Where and how do we reach them?
  • What do we need to do and say to persuade them to cast their vote for us?

Every election campaign needs a specific strategy that’s influenced by the political climate it’s set in. And for a local election, winning supporters is essentially about winning over the community of voters. Based on these questions and facts we make unique and affected Election strategy for you which lead you to winning position.

UPLInfotech delivers a wise way to power elections. With integrated maps, analytics, and android application you can guide early voting, locate Election Day polling places, share real-time election results, find your elected officials, develop redistricting plans, and manage campaigns.

An opinion poll is a survey of public opinion from a particular sample, and is designed to represent the opinions of a population. We deliver you political research, voting tendencies, and sample polls through the collection of data at ground level through questionnaire and use of sophisticated statistical tools to extrapolate it to trends. There are several ways of administering a survey, like telephone, mail, online surveys, personal in-home surveys, personal mail or street intercept survey, and hybrids of the above.

Establishing a strong online presence is the pillar of any political campaign’s communication strategy today. Your political candidate website is, for all intents and purposes, a collection of everything that your campaign represents. Apart from serving as a guide to your political views and beliefs, it also serves as a map for your audience to discover and interact with every aspect of your campaign, thereby increasing the odds of your name getting checked on the ballot! A political candidate website can raise recognition of your name within your community. The content on the website can help you establish your expertise. Pictures are a great addition to a political website. They not only add visual enhancement to the website, but they also inform the site visitors (prospective voters) why you are right for the position. Social media integration provides a stage to interact with your voters.

Politicians need to create awareness about their political agendas and future plans. An app for political action helps create awareness about the upcoming events. The more the people know about the candidate’s intentions, the better opinion they will form. b) Android Application is useful in fund raising for the political party. c) With the help of mobile apps, reaching a larger audience becomes possible. Also, mobile apps are connected through the internet that means anyone and everyone can access it. d) The more supports learn about politicians, the better engagement on the app. Engagement in an app will bring more awareness to people. e) Sometimes the general public is not aware of the issues that the politicians have to solve. Political apps can be an excellent way of informing the general public about certain topics and making them understand the state of the country, state or city.

Political call centers are principally outbound call centers designed to promote a certain candidate, political action committee (PAC) or party’s goals. The three primary responsibilities of political call centers are getting out the vote, volunteer recruitment, fundraising and conducting research.

We will create a YouTube channel for you and play your video clips there. Represent your ideas, motives to the public. We will optimize your youtube channel as well.

In this video we will display your completed and ongoing works and also your leadership quality. In this video candidate should tell the journey of his life, how he see the world, what time is the hardest time of his life, why he chooses this path, his struggle and his sacrifices, what are his goals

You can only be able to win if the campaign message reflects the requirement of the electorate. Draw their attention and obtain their vote by showing them that your victory would improve their lives.

We record the goals in your voice and spread your pre recorded messages through calls.

Whatsapp nowadays is most useful app for communication. We will send whatsapp msgs on regular basis to your voters.

We manage professionally your page by posting every election related activity with a message. We make different memes and eye catching logical pictures so that people can't stop themselves to share them. We promote your page in targeted audience. We share your speeches and event related photos immediately so the people will know that you are working for them.

For Political Updates twitter is best platform to showcase your work. Nowadays Twitter is the most effected and useful social media tool. We post your speeches and your work photos over the Twitter account on immediate basis.

We manage your Instagram account same as we do with Facebook. We show them your goals. We tell them the problems and give solutions by your schemes.

Door-to-door canvassing is great for persuading undecided voters to consider your candidacy. It’s a fact that people having face-to-face, personal conversations are more likely to find common ground. 

Here are a some reasons to organize door-to-door campaigns:

  • To Identify supporters
  • Voter Persuasion
  • Voter registration
  • Opinion polls

We will hang your hoardings or banner at the tea stall as well as will give the facility to the tea stall owner with the recorded audio msg in your voice and a audio player. The audio will play the whole day to convey your msg, ideas, and your motive to maximum number of people.

We will arrange the Jansabha and small sabha at different locations to create awareness of your party’s agenda and future plans.

We will make stalls and give Demo of Evm Machine in your area. We will add a positive point.

We will arrange the Jansabha and small sabha at different locations to create awareness of your party’s agenda and future plans.

We will make stalls and give Demo of Evm Machine in your area. We will add a positive point.