SCHOOL ERP : A complete School Management Software for your School

Education is the core and essential element of any country that facilitates its economic growth and maintains intellectual development of its people. The 21st century is the time of information technology. In so doing, it’s vitally important for every modern society to provide a stable bond between education and high-tech innovations.

UPL InfoTech School Management Software is a web and mobile application developed specially to handle all the day to day functionalities of School / College and Universities. It is a School ERP Solution which will give most updated mobile application form to the Teachers, Students and Parents to help them in using the login from any place and any time.

No wonder that modern students prefer to use their portable devices instead of hard copy textbooks and consult Google or Wikipedia on the go. At the same time, in this wireless and mobile era there are plenty of benefits for mentors as well. The world requires specialists who are able to succeed in a globally competitive world.

With UPL InfoTech School ERP you’ll get a 360 view of your school anywhere, on any device, in real-time.

UPL InfoTech School ERP has different modules to manage and handle all the activities of school. Fees Management, Timetable, Attendance, Examinations, News, Hostel, Library, Transportation, School Calendar, Events, Human Resource etc are some of the modules UPL InfoTech School ERP has. Also there is an internal messaging system within our School Management Software which will help the Students, Teacher and Parents to communicate with each other.

Apart from these features we have just integrated a dedicated social media to interact student and their teacher which will help student to raise query related to their subject & teacher as well as other students (of same class) can comment or reply to them.

  • Enquiry Management System: helps to control pre-admission query for admission, save data of student so that school can remind the guardian about the admission.
  • Admission management Module: helps to control the whole admission process of the school including selection and screening of students, short listing of applications, online registration etc. .
  • Attendance management Module: module is specifically designed to cater to staff as well and students attendance records. The easy to use panel allows the users to quickly manage the attendance records without much efforts and hassle. .
  • Academics Management Module: This will provide your institution better expansion and helps in building efficient flow of process; it will lead your administration to the form of simplicity and assist in transforming into digitized structure than the usual tedious and manual admin work. .
  • Fees management Module: helps the user create a special fee structure according to which fees can be paid weekly, monthly or annually, as the student wishes. .
  • Timetable Management Module: Through this module, it becomes easy to allocate arrangement periods, managing faculty timetables and student timetables. Moreover, you can even view the list of timetables of the staff, students, in a date-wise manner, or even of a particular day. .
  • Grades and exam operation Module: gives the ability to conduct offline and online examinations, consider student performance, generate report cards and provide the students with the results. .
  • Hostel management Module: streamlines arrangement and reservation of rooms in teacher accommodations and student hostels. It helps track student outings and visitor records thus ensuring discipline. It also assists to control room facilities, room shifting and interchanging processes, and provides other important logistic support. .
  • Financial accounting Module: takes care of accounts receivable and payable, general ledger, taxation, income/expense and reconciliation statements as well as other documents needed for accounting purposes. This module also offers a robust and multifarious portfolio of reports. .
  • Biometrics payroll management Module: provides the user with a defined classification for integral reporting. This program can make up a flexible payroll processing stage, cost centers and control the biometric system as well. .
  • Transport Management Module: It is designed to help you plan and manage your school's transportation to facilitate better security for students and parents. It allows school management to have a detailed record of vehicle numbers, vehicle type, driver details, attendant details, route details, stops, transportation fees, driver details, and students. .
  • Custom Reports: From student registration reports, fee detail reports to visitor reports, there is a lot to manage on the school administrator’s end. Our School ERP’s custom reports module allows users to record detailed information about any data in the school and manage them accurately.

Benefits of School ERP:

  • User friendly interface
  • Enhance accuracy by eliminating the human fallacies
  • Accurate monetary management for student fee and staff payroll
  • Real time data analysis for management
  • Real time access to attendance, results, timetable and examination schedule
  • Easy access for specified department to the centralized data
  • Provides access to ward’s attendance records, examination results and academic curriculum
  • Guardians can make online fee payment
  • Software allows customized durational reports like daily, weekly, monthly and annually
  • Conduct online examinations, attendance and result management
  • Manage proper student profile
  • Smart notice boards, notified academic activities and curriculums
  • Quick response with 24*7 technical Support